Career Technical Education Fundraiser

Synergy School of Arts & Technology and its partners are raising funds to create a world-class Career technical education (CTE) program. CTE provides students and adults with the academic and technical skills, knowledge, and training necessary to succeed in future careers and develop skills they will use throughout their careers.

Please help us raise $1,000,000!

Help us build a world-class CTE program!

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Our Plans

Summer Youth Job Training Program

Performing Arts and Virtual and Augmented Reality
Summer Arts Program Summary

This summer arts program will address the need to provide youth with general career/job training. This collaborative program promotes social and emotional growth and is project-based learning culminating in a festival of public performances. This program utilizes the performing arts as a motivational tool; young people will gain work-readiness skills, career planning, and higher education preparation. The 6-week program will be offered to students from June 28 to July 22. One-hundred Participants will choose from a total of 5 interrelated projects. Eligible participants will work 100 – 200 hours and earn $15 per hour for the summer.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Project

Virtual Reality (VR) 360 allows users to travel around the world and see sights they wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience. That feeling of being immersed in your surroundings creates endless possibilities for VR 360 in the classroom. Not only is VR able to transport students to famous landmarks and places of interest around the world, but it can also help students to understand and comprehend other topics, for example, the complexity of the human body.

We will create an experience, leading students into the world of VR and exposing them to the world of theater through VR. This course unit will cover a wide range of Virtual Environments to give students some exposure to the future of this medium and its relationship to theater. By the end of this course, students will:

  • Have a broad understanding of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality
  • Have a deeper understanding of the different types of Virtual Environments
  • Experience some practical applications for VR/AR and carry on a conversation about the medium
  • Explore the variety of ways in which VR is affecting theater and the entertainment industry as a whole
  • Have an introduction to Animation
  • Work on producing a VR/AR experience for distribution

Media Entertainment Training Facility

Our vision is to build a media center with three studio theaters designed to produce live theatrical, virtual production for film, and VR experiences while training local youth for careers in the entertainment industry.

The entertainment industry is the 3rd largest industry in California. Many young people in the Antelope Valley dream of careers in this challenging field. This media center of the future will provide unparalleled access for young people to gain the technical and artistic skills needed to qualify for jobs in the industry. A film studio recently opened in the city of Palmdale in an attempt to attract more projects to the Antelope Valley. These productions require locally trained and seasoned workers to crew productions at the new Palmdale film studio.

Resources and More Information

Why VR/AR? Here are some industry articles:

Community Partners

  • Wisdom To Go¬† – provides a social and emotional growth curriculum.
  • Maker Learning Network – provides back office and administration support.
  • WorldOver International – partners with families, schools, and organizations to provide: Live K-12 Core and Elective Classes, tutoring for Individuals and Small Groups, and Enrichment Clubs.
  • Advancing Communities Together – Advancing Communities Together Apprenticeship Readiness Academy trains youth in construction related to building and trades, which will benefit disadvantaged/underserved populations within the Antelope Valley service area.
  • Music and Kids – established to bridge the growing gap between government-funded educational programs and private funding in music. We strive to build character, responsibility, and strength in today’s youth through music.
  • City of Palmdale Neighborhood Services Department – Neighborhood Services works to improve and strengthen Palmdale’s neighborhoods through community engagement, revitalization, and public safety programs to support, foster, and maintain a safe community and affordable housing.
  • HUMAHOUSE –¬† They use art workshops and exhibitions to divert youth from incarceration or re-incarceration.
  • Flowlab – Their mission is to develop sustainable immersive systems, networks, and applications committed to the global distribution of educational and therapeutic content.
  • CEEDTV VR Training Center – will provide leadership for the Entertainment industry theme and CTE programs to prepare participants for careers in the performing arts, TV, Film, and VR/AR (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality) technology.
  • Darin Gray, Ed.D. with the USC Viterbi K-12 STEM Center (STEM) ¬†Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, including Computer Science

Additional partners with whom we have a long-standing relationship can be included in this project as needed.

  • City of Lancaster
  • Antelope Valley High School District
  • ACT Youthbuild


Help us build a world-class CTE program!

  • $15.00 Raised
    of $1,000,000.00
  • 1 Donors
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